What do you have on your wall?

Today I was looking at the posters in my room and I realized they are inseparable part of any student’s life. They give us a sense of individualism. They motivate us. They say who we are or who we wish to be.

Since every person is different, the poster on his wall is different. I gave it some thought and came up with the thought of relating personality types based on posters on the wall. It is not a complete list and is not a test to judge yourself or others. I purely created it for fun. Here is my list:

1. Musicians


People love musicians. However, it is surprisingly rare to find posters of individual musicians than those of music bands. These kind of people tend to be determined, focussed and find passion as the prime motive. However, some of them tend to think too much about the opinions of others.

2. Actors


The most common type of posters. Most students tend to idolize their favourite actors. Sometimes people like them only because of the appearence, other times its the “look on their face/eyes”. These kind of people tend to be simple-minded, open to others. They tend to have a large friend circle and are generally cheerful.

3. Rock Bands


These are the second most common type of posters. The large fan following comprises mostly of teenagers. Posters of Led Zeppelin or Iron Maiden are commonly found in students having a strong sense of freedom. People of this kind demand respect and are confident.

4. Sports


These are also very common. These people worship their sports heroes and idolize them. They are very similar to the rock band type but are milder, less rebellious. They are self motivated and care about things. They are highly driven and speak less.

5. Motivational



Mostly found in rooms of those who like to keep things to themselves. They know what they want but tend to procrastinate or lose track of time/place. They are self reliant and focussed,at least they want to be. However, some of these are only show offs.

6. Fun/ Mocking


These are surprisingly common. These kind of posters are funny or “un-motivational”. These people tend to be confident and sufficient but not worrisome. They are hard to read because they keep many things to themselves, especially what their passions are. They tend to change their mind quickly and try a lot of things before deciding. Generally they are cheerful but you never know what deep down emotions they are wrestling with.

7. Sleep/organization


Students have these on the walls at least once in their student life. Generally they tend to promote messiness or disorganization, not caring about things. I think everyone of us has those times when we do not want to care about what others think and these posters give us confidence to ignore.

8. Creative/self made

Very rare in boys rooms but common in girls. I’m not saying girls are more creative. I think girls like to display their skills more than boys because they care more about outward beauty(not their fault, society teaches them they have to be beautiful) and love to beautify their rooms. These kind of people are lovely, soft and easygoing. They don’t think too much about mediocre things, they are happy in their own worlds.

9. Landscapes/Paintings


These are very uncommon. They project peace and calmness with beauty. However, students have to plan ahead about their lives and have so much to explore. They just don’t connect with these posters on an emotional level. These are considered classy and are mostly found in older(settled) people’s walls.

The above list is a very small and incomplete one. Some of you may disagree on my thoughts but I like to add that they are only my opinions. I would love to hear about you and the kind of poster you have on your wall.

p.s. I don’t wanna disclose too much but one of the poster in my room talks about money and winning the lottery. Didn’t I tell you the list was incomplete? 

(All images have been taken from Amazon)


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