Travel more: Invest in experiences


Travelling has been a part of human civilization since the beginning. We travelled in searched for better food, favourable climate and habitable places. As human beings, we always crave for something “new”. We need new experiences to build a better version of ourselves and to make more sense of things. Travelling makes you more open, humble and strong. You never return as the same person who left. Travelling makes you richer.

We all dream of vacations/trips to exotic places. However for some of us, these vacations are supposed to be in the future; when our life will be settled and we can “afford” a vacation. As time passes, family and career become more and more important and we keep on postponing our dreams of travel. It makes me sad to see people abandoning their dreams.

For all I have learned, dreams are possible only in the present. Life is unpredictable and not all of us get the life we dream of. Being young is a blessing. Do not postpone your dreams, act. If you wanna go backpacking Europe, plan it this year itself. You won’t have as much freedom as you do now. Being a student, you have almost no responsibilities and your body is more likely the fittest it would ever be.

Today I want to say: TRAVEL. As much as you can. Go to places you have never been before, preferably alone.

Please share any travel tips you have in the comments below. I would love to get feedback!


Read the story of a girl who chased joy . She chose the road less travelled. She followed her bliss.

This is simply awesome. I could connect with her experience. I know the crossroads. I know about the road less travelled. I know the fear. I know the bliss.

I have only one thing to add-” No one discovers their destiny. Your destiny will discover you-it will find you, provided you have done the preparation and inner work required to seize the opportunity when it presents itself.” Not my quote! It is from Robin Sharma. But it summarises what I want to say. I leave you with this quote today. See you on Monday!