Find your personal legend-5

Hi there! As some of you might know, every tuesday is “find your personal legend” day. Today marks the fifth post in the series. Find all previous posts here.

Last time, I talked about dreams vs goals. There is a difference between pursuing your passion and making a living out of it. Sadly, many of us mistake their hobbies for their talents. Also, talent isn’t everything.

Where do I stand?

If you are following through with the posts, you must have made a list of your interests, tried out a few jobs. If not, do it first. Think about the ways in which you can pursue your passion. Don’t be disappointed, you’re bound to fail a few times. It is important to know where you stand and what you know before you proceed in any direction. Start with the basics. Build skills.

Still confused? Don’t worry. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What would I do if I could do my best in it?
  2. What would I do if nobody paid me to do it?
  3. What would I do if money wasn’t a concern?
  4. What would I do if my family supported me no matter what I choose?
  5. What would make me feel accomplished?
  6. What qualities I admire in others?
  7. Do I have those qualities too?
  8. Do I like a particular kind of lifestyle? who are the people living that lifestyle and what do they do?
  9. Is there a dream job I wished I had when I was a child?
  10. Do I still have that dream?
  11. Does it make sense? Fill my stomach with butterflies?
  12. Is there any place in particular I wish to live in?
  13. Do I like what I do?
  14. Am I ignoring my heart because I’m afraid?
  15. Does any of the above questions point in some direction? Does it make sense?

If you have already found the one thing that clicks, great! If you have not, try harder and newer things. Experiment. Explore. Discover yourself.

Look at people you admire. What do they do?

Try Gandhiji’s talisman:


Gud luck!




Remember birthdays

Birthday is the most important and happy day of the year for anyone. One feels special, expecting attention. It is also a day to connect with your old friends whom you may not have talked to in months. You can just be like “Hey! whacha doin?? any plans?” and the conversation starts. People like it when you wish them. You would like it if everyone you know wished you on your birthday. Won’t you?

Did you wish your professor on his birthday? 

I always try to do so. Last year, I got a surprise birthday wish from my Dean. Can you imagine? He wished me on mine because I wished him on his. He felt obliged. I was shocked he remembered! I realized how easy it is to build connections by doing this simple thing.


Therefore, I’m asking you to remember birthdays as well. Starting from the professor to the RAs and TAs, make a list of birthdays of all your professional contacts. Wishing birthdays is an easy way to get noticed. You will definitely need their help throughout your college and it would be smooth if they remember you. It will also sharpen your communication skills and give you a bit of acquaintance with them.

Even if you know you won’t be needing their help, it is good to wish people. It doesn’t hurt to put a smile on someone’s face.

Today, make a list of birthdays. Birthdays of every person you know (or want to know) personally (or professionally). Remember to wish them. If possible, wish them on their religious holidays also although some people don’t like to be stereotyped with a religion.

Put a smile on someone’s face today! Who knows, you might be the only one who remembered.


Hey there!

Being happy is the ultimate goal of life yet most of us forget that it is a choice, rather than a privilege. Happiness is contagious. Happy people are like magnets, they lift vibrations of everyone around them. Happy people make everything better.

Today’s tip is thus, to watch the above video everytime you feel low and feel happy again. Don’t forget, happiness is a choice.

Back to business

Hey there! I can’t tell you what life changing things have been going around lately with me and I’ve not been able to concentrate on writing. Thank you for keeping patience all this time. I am finally back in action. I shall start posting everyday from now on, except on Sundays.

To my new followers, welcome to my blog. I’m a student just like most of you and I’ve a lot of college stuff to share with you guys. Stay tuned!