Sunday bonus: 5 ways your smartphone can help you study

Hello there! I hope you guys are having fun this weekend. Today I want to share my thoughts on how smartphones can help improve studies.

1. Use voice recorder

As I shared in one of my earlier posts, you can use the voice recording feature to make audio notes. It is easy, fun and very convenient way of studying which involves your verbal senses too to make you remember better.

2. Set reminders, make use of Evernote

One of the best features of smartphones is the variety of apps available. Evernote has been a blessing to me. I use it to synchronize my notes on laptop and phone, make to do lists, set reminders, save web content, make mind maps and much more. However, there are many other apps which are specialized for different purposes. Just browse through the app store and get one which fulfills your requirements.

Check out this awesome post for a list of 17 useful apps for students.

3. Study while a video loads

Since I have a pretty slow connection, this works for me. I set aside a 5-7 minute video to buffer while I complete my study session of 30-45 minutes. It is refreshing to watch already buffered video by then! However, refrain from checking the progress while studying or you might end up watching one video after another and the time will fly.

(see my post on using distractions as reward here)

4. Use dictionary and calculator apps

Smartphones come with basic utilities like notepad, dictionary(you can download specific apps for specialized dictionaries) etc. Instead of using the physical calc, use the virtual one on your phone. It comes in handy to do large calculations and you can use converter apps to interchange units.
Another useful feature is the dictionary. Since most of the apps provide online versions also, it is very easy to find meaning of words like Choledocholithiasis and Epistaxis.

5. Sneak time at unfavorable times

You are waiting in a line for a movie or in the grocery store or maybe (highly unlikely) in a bookstore and it is taking too long; or maybe you are on your way home on a bus, you always carry your phone. You can use these short time periods to quickly go through your notes or e-flash cards on your devise. I know it might sound ridiculus(or familiar?) but many people use it in the toilet, waiting to poop! ?It doesn’t matter where you are, if you have your phone, you can study. No excuses.

There are a lot of other ways you can come up with on your own, since there are endless possibilities with the number of apps out there. The key is to not let yourself get distracted.

Leave comments below to let me know what you think of smartphones, useful or distraction? Also tell me what kind of study techniques you use. See you on Monday!



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