Find your personal legend-5

Hi there! As some of you might know, every tuesday is “find your personal legend” day. Today marks the fifth post in the series. Find all previous posts here.

Last time, I talked about dreams vs goals. There is a difference between pursuing your passion and making a living out of it. Sadly, many of us mistake their hobbies for their talents. Also, talent isn’t everything.

Where do I stand?

If you are following through with the posts, you must have made a list of your interests, tried out a few jobs. If not, do it first. Think about the ways in which you can pursue your passion. Don’t be disappointed, you’re bound to fail a few times. It is important to know where you stand and what you know before you proceed in any direction. Start with the basics. Build skills.

Still confused? Don’t worry. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What would I do if I could do my best in it?
  2. What would I do if nobody paid me to do it?
  3. What would I do if money wasn’t a concern?
  4. What would I do if my family supported me no matter what I choose?
  5. What would make me feel accomplished?
  6. What qualities I admire in others?
  7. Do I have those qualities too?
  8. Do I like a particular kind of lifestyle? who are the people living that lifestyle and what do they do?
  9. Is there a dream job I wished I had when I was a child?
  10. Do I still have that dream?
  11. Does it make sense? Fill my stomach with butterflies?
  12. Is there any place in particular I wish to live in?
  13. Do I like what I do?
  14. Am I ignoring my heart because I’m afraid?
  15. Does any of the above questions point in some direction? Does it make sense?

If you have already found the one thing that clicks, great! If you have not, try harder and newer things. Experiment. Explore. Discover yourself.

Look at people you admire. What do they do?

Try Gandhiji’s talisman:


Gud luck!





Hey there!

Being happy is the ultimate goal of life yet most of us forget that it is a choice, rather than a privilege. Happiness is contagious. Happy people are like magnets, they lift vibrations of everyone around them. Happy people make everything better.

Today’s tip is thus, to watch the above video everytime you feel low and feel happy again. Don’t forget, happiness is a choice.

Find your personal legend-4

Hey there! As my regular readers know, I’ve been posting about finding your personal calling or your “personal legend” since last few weeks. Today is the fourth post in this series. (You can check out previous posts here)


As I said last week, actually trying out something is very different from dreaming about it. You think you like to do something but if you do it consistently and regularly, you might feel differently.

dreaming vs doing


Take my example. I thought I liked photography to the extent that I would make a career out of it. I decided to explore career opportunities in wedding photography. Turns out, professional photography is more about getting clients and post processing than actually clicking pictures which I enjoyed. I volunteered at one of my cousin’s wedding and the pictures turned out horrible. I couldn’t keep up with the demands of his parents and the wedding ceremony was moving pretty fast. Moreover, there were a lot of people who wanted their pictures clicked and I was the only photographer. I couldn’t take the pressure.

I believe that somebody else who is used to dealing with crowd and pressure of missing out important moments would have worked wonderfully in my place. The job wasn’t that tough but I didn’t like it. I decided not to pursue wedding photography anymore.


Where I failed

I wasn’t prepared enough

To start with, I didn’t have a good camera. Yes, I didn’t. How could someone be such an idiot as to forget the most important thing? I was overconfident. I thought my camera was nice enough. I was afraid if I bought a new one and failed, I would lose my money.

I didn’t research on what kind of rituals will be performed. I thought I knew how an Indian wedding goes. However, when I actually had to be there, I realized there are a lot of small ceremonies and customs I had never paid attention to.

I didn’t interview bride and groom beforehand. I didn’t know what they want. The bride didn’t know me well and thus wasn’t comfortable around me. It was a major factor of ruining their couple photographs. Getting to know the couple before the wedding will acquaint them with you. Once people are comfortable, they give natural and memorable shots.

I didn’t have any previous experience 

This point can be ignored as I was just trying out. It wasn’t supposed to be that great. However, I wish I would have started small with simple assignments before taking a wedding shoot.

Keeping up with the circumstances

When I took this opportunity I had some idea of how difficult the job will be. However I failed to prepare myself for the unseen circumstances. The crowd and the poor lighting, it was a nightmare. No matter how detailed your plan is, something will definitely go wrong. In my case, everything went wrong.


What I could have done

First of all, I could have borrowed a good camera from a professional. I knew some professionals and they would have lended me their camera. But I didn’t ask.

Secondly, I should have researched. I should have interviewed and spent sometime with the couple. I should have prepared a list of the rituals so I would knew what to expect.

Lastly, I should have practiced with smaller assignments first. I should have gone to another wedding and clicked pictures without the pressure of me being the only photographer.


What I learned

It is this kind of real life experiences that let you discover more about yourself. You discover the particular aspects of something you actually like and can do under pressure. You may even discover new interests. I discovered that I should not be overconfident but I should always believe in myself. sometimes, taking a few deep breaths is all you need when you are under stress.


I assume you are working on your interests. If you already found something which clicks, congratulations! But if you have not, keep on trying. A week is a very small time to judge. Take more time. Keep on looking until you find something you both enjoy and get something out of. Something will go wrong,  make a plan nevertheless. You might fail, try again. Change your approach, change your strategies.

The important thing is not to succeed, but to discover yourself.

Personal Excellence: Compare yourself to no one

As young adults, we often try to measure our success in terms of what others have achieved in the same situation. It can be money, grades, relationships or even fitness levels. To see your friend’s accomplishments as an example could be inspirational and many people will say it is a healthy comparison because it inspires you and propels you do the same.

However, I beg to differ. I believe that no matter what the other person does, he can never be you. Every one is unique. Whether you fail or succeed is only a reflection of your own efforts and conditions. Under no circumstances should you compare yourself to someone else. Not when you do good and not when you do bad.

When we compare ourselves to others, we give away the sense of responsibility

 At the subconscious level, we start to feel like whatever we do is merely a consequence of our circumstances, that anyone in our place would have done the same thing. It can relieve you from the burden of being a failure but it can also make you feel like a puppet of destiny.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an atheist who wants to get rid of the notion of destiny. Infact I’m a huge believer in destiny and the fact that there is an inherent meaning in everything that happens. However, I also believe in free will and the fact that we create our own destinies.

Philosophy apart, it is what we do and say that gives us power. If you feel like a puppet, you will not try harder to get what you want.


Take responsibility for your actions. It seems stressful at first but it will actually give you freedom. Freedom of what you want to do and not what others expect you to do. This freedom is an essential requirement to excel in life. You know what they say-

what happens to you is not always in your control but how you react to it, is.

A cliche I know but it is true.

In conclusion, today I want to say that we are all the same in the sense that we are all unique. We have our own set of talents and personal abilities and it depends on us what we make of them. In the end, you are the one who will reap the fruit of your actions. So, take responsibility and stop comparing yourself to others. You will never walk in their shoes. You need to walk in your own shoes.

Find your personal legend-3

Hey there! As my regular readers know, I’ve been posting about finding your personal calling or your “personal legend” since last few weeks. Today is the third post in this series. (You can check out previous posts here)

Last week, I asked you to gather basic information about the field of your interest. For example, if you want to become a lawyer find out the necessary qualification and where/how to get it. If you want to be an athlete, find a coach/training academy.

The next step is a big one. I think the best way to know whether you can do something is to actually do it. You never know if you never try.


the next step is to actually try it out

Yes. Do it. Whatever it is that you want to become, imagine you are already there and act like one:

1. Is there an internship available in the field you are interested in? Can you apply for it?

2. Is there a part time job available? Does it capture the essence of what you think your ideal job would be like?

3. Do you know the subject well enough? Join an on-line course or take a class in your local community college.

4. Is there some kind of competition being held? participate.


I think you get what I’m trying to say. Find a way to do what you want to do. It doesn’t matter if it is small or it doesn’t pay. Your job is to find out whether you actually like this kind of work or is it temporary fascination.

So, today’s tip is to try. Try a number of things. Keep on trying until you find the one thing that clicks. Best of luck!

Travel more: Invest in experiences


Travelling has been a part of human civilization since the beginning. We travelled in searched for better food, favourable climate and habitable places. As human beings, we always crave for something “new”. We need new experiences to build a better version of ourselves and to make more sense of things. Travelling makes you more open, humble and strong. You never return as the same person who left. Travelling makes you richer.

We all dream of vacations/trips to exotic places. However for some of us, these vacations are supposed to be in the future; when our life will be settled and we can “afford” a vacation. As time passes, family and career become more and more important and we keep on postponing our dreams of travel. It makes me sad to see people abandoning their dreams.

For all I have learned, dreams are possible only in the present. Life is unpredictable and not all of us get the life we dream of. Being young is a blessing. Do not postpone your dreams, act. If you wanna go backpacking Europe, plan it this year itself. You won’t have as much freedom as you do now. Being a student, you have almost no responsibilities and your body is more likely the fittest it would ever be.

Today I want to say: TRAVEL. As much as you can. Go to places you have never been before, preferably alone.

Please share any travel tips you have in the comments below. I would love to get feedback!