99 things to do before you leave the university

I like these kind of lists as they always have new ideas to try. Go through the list and make sure you do most of them! Have fun.


Food as medicine

I know Thursday could be a hectic day. It is right in the middle, weekend is still far away and you feel like overwhelmed with whatever work you do. I feel the same and hence I tend to write a short status or post a link instead of a complete full length post. Today I was stumbling on the internet and found this gem. It is a great website and the linked page lists various common lifestyle diseases like Migraine, Obesity, High cholestrol, common cold etc. Foods that cure/reduce the disease are also listed. I hope you benefit from it. See you tomorrow!


Hey there! It was a tough day today,very stressful. I couldn’t concentrate. I was surfing on the web to relax myself and found this. It is short and funny and I liked it. Do read it!

One more interesting find: Homemade energy drinks. I’ve tried the fire hydrant and the quick fix. Both of them were good but I liked quick fix more for its new refreshing taste. I’m going to try the heavy lifter too someday! Make them and let me know how you like them.

Procrastination: Why do I do every thing at the last minute?

Hey there! Completing tasks at the last minute is something I’m very familiar with and I hate it. I end up doing mediocre work but manage to pull off decent grades. As this article says, I feel both relaxed and ashamed. I feel like I didn’t deserve the grades because my work wasn’t upto the mark.

If you can make a sense of what I’m saying or can relate, this article is a must read. It is not some motivational speech to get you on your feet, it is a simple and bold analysis of why we feel this way. Read it and share with me what you think!