Remember birthdays

Birthday is the most important and happy day of the year for anyone. One feels special, expecting attention. It is also a day to connect with your old friends whom you may not have talked to in months. You can just be like “Hey! whacha doin?? any plans?” and the conversation starts. People like it when you wish them. You would like it if everyone you know wished you on your birthday. Won’t you?

Did you wish your professor on his birthday? 

I always try to do so. Last year, I got a surprise birthday wish from my Dean. Can you imagine? He wished me on mine because I wished him on his. He felt obliged. I was shocked he remembered! I realized how easy it is to build connections by doing this simple thing.


Therefore, I’m asking you to remember birthdays as well. Starting from the professor to the RAs and TAs, make a list of birthdays of all your professional contacts. Wishing birthdays is an easy way to get noticed. You will definitely need their help throughout your college and it would be smooth if they remember you. It will also sharpen your communication skills and give you a bit of acquaintance with them.

Even if you know you won’t be needing their help, it is good to wish people. It doesn’t hurt to put a smile on someone’s face.

Today, make a list of birthdays. Birthdays of every person you know (or want to know) personally (or professionally). Remember to wish them. If possible, wish them on their religious holidays also although some people don’t like to be stereotyped with a religion.

Put a smile on someone’s face today! Who knows, you might be the only one who remembered.