Learn to cook

Hey there! The title of this post is self explanatory. Learn to cook. I’m not asking you to become a masterchef overnight but at least learn the basics. Trust me, you will have to, eventually. You can not live on take out food all the time and making instant noodles or breakfast cereal is not an option always.

As a student, many of us leave parental home and live in hostels/dorms on campus. Generally you are provided food there but you eventually get bored of it. The cafeteria food isn’t great either and you never have enough money to buy delicious food outside everyday. Most of you would have experienced this. So what do you do? Do you eat the crappy food? Do you buy potato chips or cheaper street food?

If you are like me, prefer to take the middle route. I take the crappy food and reinvent it. Add more veggies, seasoning, sauce or whatever else you feel like adding and then eat it. It tastes good most of the time but sometimes you just can’t eat it no matter what you add.

Therefore, I learned to cook. There are so many simple recipes out there which are easy and get ready in minutes. You can try smoothies, sandwiches, semi cooked foods, two ingredient desserts etc. which can be learned very easily and the ingredients are readily available. Here is an excellent post which lists a number of exciting ways to get delicious food in dorms!

If you can’t do much, learn these 5 skills at least:

1. How to make a simple sandwich. Did you try ironing your sandwich?


2. How to use a knife to chop vegetables(seems easy? I’ve seen people who never touched a knife in their life)

3. How to cook eggs. Omelet, scrambled, boiled whatever you like. Easily available and very nutritious.

4. How to cook ramen. There are very different ways

5. Smoothies and easy drinks(e.g. lemonade)

Below is a list of some student friendly websites which offer super easy recipes that anyone can make. Take your pick and try:


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