Try first, suggest later

Hey there! Today I’m going to tell you about a little incident that happened with me. I love South Indian food. A close friend of mine told me about a nearby restaurant which served delicious dosas. I wanted to try it out but somehow couldn’t get a break.

Yesterday, two of my seniors came to meet me whom I’ve not seen for a year and asked me for dinner. I took them to this new restaurant I wanted to try out. It was a DISASTER. Some of us had food poisoning. They were furious because they missed their flight.

I can’t explain how I felt. They didn’t blame me but I knew they won’t be relying on me in the future. I regret not researching enough and trying out the food myself first. If I had, I would’ve taken them to some place else, some place I knew well.

I know it seems like an accident but in professional relations this kind of mishap can destroy your creditability.  People tend to judge you and they see carelessness. They feel like you are not responsible enough and will hesitate in giving you a responsible position.


So, today’s tip is to TRY first. Unless you are sure, don’t suggest something new to a person you know professionally.



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