Birthday: e-gift ideas

I had my best friend’s birthday last November and I forgot to send her a birthday card. I remembered only a day before and there was no way I could send her an actual gift. I knew she would be mad, really mad.

It gets more complicated. I remembered at 11 o’clock in the night and had only one hour left. What to do? I decided to send her an e-card. Sounds lame right? It was. I knew it wasn’t enough. I had nothing. I couldn’t go anywhere. I thought there was no way I could send her a nice gift in such a short time. 

However, I knew I had one thing. I had internet. I couldn’t buy something for her because I knew it won’t reach her the next day. So I decided, it is time to think out of the box!

I decided to send her e-gifts.

Yes! it is a thing. I invented the idea!

I sent her 21 things because she was turning 21. I can’t tell you all the items but I want to share some of them. They aren’t exactly gifts, they are just some data having sentimental value. They are bits of music, video, social networking etc. I’ve listed them below:

  1. A collection of songs she had never heard before, but I knew she would like them.
  2. A picture collage of her. I had made it some time ago just for fun but hadn’t shown her because it wasn’t complete.
  3. A list of 21 things she needed to do before she turned 22. I got the ideas from internet (you know, stuff like what to do before you turn 30 etc.)
  4. A short story about friendship(again, from the internet)
  5. A picture of birthday cake
  6. A drawing of beer glass(I couldn’t send her an actual drink)
  7. An ebook about life (I can’t tell you the name its too personal)
  8. A wallpaper of Damon and Elena(she loves Vampire Diaries)
  9. An e-copy of the standard book of spells(She loves Harry Potter)
  10. An account of her own on Pottermore(Didn’t I tell you she’s a potterhead?)
  11. Rocketdock software to give her windows pc kind of macintosh look
  12. A recording of myself singing “happy birthday to you”
  13. A picture of her from long time ago. She didn’t know I still had it
  14. A memory from our childhood. I typed it in MS-Word and did some visual editing. The document turned out very beautiful.
  15. A funny e-card!

She did get mad. Not because I forgot to send her a present, but because she understood the trouble I went through to get all this stuff. But she was very happy. These were the most unusual kind of gifts she ever got!

The next time you forget someone’s birthday you can do the same. You don’t need to do everything like I did. However, it is best to send them an actual gift especially if it is a girl. Not all girls in the world like nerdy gifts!


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