Shop at home: save money

Hey there! Money is a big problem for students. We are kind of broke, with little money. Take my example. After paying my tuition fees, rent and internet bill, I’ve very little left for myself. I try not to spend but many times end up spending all I have by the end of the month. It gets difficult with sudden expenditures like getting sick or breaking your cell phone cover. It is a disaster!

What to do?

No matter how much I want to save, I cannot stop using basic necessities like soap, toothpaste, cereal or even shampoo. I know I need these things everyday and I know in advance when they exhaust.

So, I know in advance when to buy them and how much. I make a list when I go to my parents house and include these things in their shopping list. They might scold you a little about the brands you use or the cost but usually they agree to buy them for you. I try to visit them every month and always take my shopping list with me. I’ve saved a lot this way and my parents are happy too because they have a say in what I buy(you have to compromise a little).

Some common things to be purchased/gathered from home:

1. Bathroom supplies: toothpaste, shampoo, soap, shower gel, laundry detergent etc.

2. Food: breakfast cereal, noodles, pasta, dry fruits(almonds, walnuts, figs etc.), rice, cooking oil, cookies, pickles, jam and jelly, utensils etc.

3. Cosmetics


So, today’s tip is to know in advance what you need and how much. Take the shopping list every time you go home. You’ll be surprised how less your spendings get!


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