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Hey there! As I promised you yesterday, I am going to post about realizing your passion into work every week, starting today. These days there is a lot of discussion going on about “passion”, most of it philosophical with no practical application. I wanted to get you more practical tips on following your heart. I want to let you know that it is possible.

Believe that you have a purpose in life

First things first. You need to believe in yourself when no one else does. There will be self doubt and second thoughts but you have to trust yourself. Even if you fail, even if you make mistakes.

Make a List


We all have different interests. Some hobbies can be turned into full time jobs. Some skills you take for granted can make you a billionaire. All you have to do is try. Today, grab a pen or open a word document and list every possible career you can think of desiring, anything you find interesting. It could be unrealistic at present but you never know. List out all of your dream jobs.

Prioritize them according to your skill level, interest and feasibility. Keep the ones you can try easily or which don’t need specific knowledge or skills at the top. If you need help, you can take online personality quizzes to judge your skill level and aptitude. Some of the popular ones are listed below:

1. Jung’s typology test on Humanmetrics

2. Princeton Review’s 5 minute career quiz

3. True colour test by Carolyn Kalil

4. BBC’s career test

5. Keirsey’s temperament sorter

This week, list out your interests. Take your time to prioritize them. Ask your friends about your aptitude and possible career profiles for yourself. They can suggest something which might have slipped off your mind, or something entirely new! I’ll post what to do with the list next tuesday. Keep on reading!


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