Speak up

Hey there! College is very different from high school. The “cool” people suddenly become creepy and the nerds and geeks become “smart”. These smart people are not necessarily brilliant, they just happen to have best of both worlds. They enjoy late night parties and drinking games, yet manage impressive CGPA.

It can be frustrating to see these people succeed. I have been there. You both hate and admire them. Today I’m going to tell you, they aren’t exceptional. They are smart, smart in the sense that they know their priorities and how to maintain good rapport.

The most common mistake people make in class is not speaking up.

They sit in silence. Sometimes they are afraid to get criticized, other times just being lazy. Speaking in class is very important. It doesn’t matter whether you know the correct answer or not, just giving an answer to your professor’s question can make you stand out in his class.

Your professor must know you.

Ask questions. Use office hours. Get on good terms with him. He can help you much more than you can imagine.

 Give opinions in a respectful manner. Ask questions. Discuss. Speak up.


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