Keep a backup

Hey there! Recently I formatted my laptop and accidentally lost some crucial data. I tried a lot but there was no way of recovering. It really sucks! I lost about 40 GB of photographs, songs, notes and ebooks and I’m regretting not making a backup.

There are lots of ways these days to backup your files like storing them online or storing them in detachable hard drive. However, my experience with hard drives has not been great and I do not recommend them.

For photographs, I use DVDs because they are cheaper and durable. Even if something happens, at most I lose one or two disks unlike a single hard drive crash in which I could lose everything.

I know it is very tedious job to make small backups on DVDs but it is worth it. You get value for money, easy storage and easy distribution-organization.

In conclusion, I’m saying make a backup of your digital files. You don’t know when your system may crash(sometimes literally), and you don’t want to regret.


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