Walk out your worries

As I shared on Sunday, worrying is a very deteriorating habit which only consumes your time and energy. I have a problem with worrying too much. When I can’t think of a solution, my mind goes blank and I go running around in circles.

In the times of worry or any problem for that matter, getting stuck is a common occurrence. I prefer to take a walk in such times. Any physical activity will help but taking a walk is straight forward and leaves your mind plenty of thinking space. Bonus: it burns calories and keeps you fit!

So, today’s tip is, TAKE A WALK! brisk walk is even better. You can tune in to your ipod and get lost in the music. It will shift your attention from the problem and let your mind exercise out the solution.

I hope you are enjoying my tips. Please give feedback on how can I help you more and share your own tips too!


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