Never forget a thing: set reminders

Hey there! I absolutely hate it when I go to college and forget to submit a book I borrowed from library. I usually forget such things and end up paying huge fines.

Evernote has been a great help. I set reminders to it whenever and wherever I remember and it buzzes at the right time. I love not having to worry about little things anymore. I can set reminders for weeks or months ahead and forget about it.

Here is an article about starting your mornings perfectly. They have included setting daily goals as one of the 8 ways to get a head-start in the morning.

I’ve written about evernote before. I cannot tell you how much it has helped me (I didn’t take money from them to promote, trust me). I know staying organized is a little pain to start with but in the long run it avoids big breakdowns. I’m thinking of writing a post about it. I’ll update here if I do.


In conclusion, staying organized and taking care of things when they are small is a key step to success. Setting reminders for tasks you tend to forget can save you on time as well as other resources, like gas.


Do tell me your ideas on staying organized. I’d love to include them in my post.


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