Be inquisitive: learn other skills

Hey there!Today I’m gonna share something I feel most people don’t care about. Typically people go to college to learn something, get a degree and get out. Out in the world, seldom are we supposed to make use of what we learned in college, generally we have to do tasks very different from our knowledge. Let’s say you have an Arts degree. Assuming you are not going to academia(which is cut throat competitive in arts and humanities) it is almost certain that your job shall require skills other than your knowledge. What will happen? You’ll have to learn those skills within a time limit or you lose your job. I don’t wanna discourage you, by all means follow your heart. But keep in mind that you have to sacrifice on certain aspects. 

College can help you counter this problem. Take on other jobs, look for opportunities to learn things you might need after college like finance for example. You don’t have to study these things, you just need to have an open mind about what is going on around you and what can help you in the future. 

As an example, let me tell you what I did. In my college there is always a shortage of a clerk. I absolutely hate clerical jobs. But I took on the responsibility and did some paperwork to help my college administrator. I didn’t get paid, but I learned how things work internally and which people can help me in the future. In particular, I met a person who was visiting to establish some design centre kind of thing which I wanted to pursue in future. I wouldn’t have met him if I weren’t at the office that day. I talked to him and got his contact details. He could be a valuable resource person during my post-grad days.

To summarize,

1. Try to understand what is going on around you and how other people do their jobs.

2. If something sparks your interest, take on an internship or simply ask that person to show you how they work. Unlike common opinion, people are happy to share their work process and why they do it.

3. You can also take online courses on topics you are very much interested in or think you should know. I’ve written about some useful sites here.

4. You can try volunteering like I did. You might make valuable important connections.

In conclusion, I want you to keep an open mind and observe what’s going on. Try to understand other jobs and figure out if you want to learn more. If you feel like it, do it. The best way to know whether you would like a job is to do it and see. You might discover a talent you didn’t know you had!



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