Building online presence

I have emphasized the importance of building online presence before. Today I wish to share an excellent article I found on the same: 7 ways to build your online presence.

Basically, the important points are:

1. Make a goal-oriented, well organized and elaborated website/webpage.
2. Reward people who sign up.
3. Create something of value, like a blog.
4. Join conversations online. Join a Facebook page for instance and post comments.
5. Build a page on social networking sites.
6. Analyze the trends in traffic. Find patterns in comments, likes, followers etc. and get informed about your website statistics. Improve upon the data you gathered. Come up with new ideas to expand your followers.

Since this post is written for entrepreneurs, it may not resonate with you as much. Still it offers a number of useful tips which can be used by anyone who wishes to create his presence online. Though I don’t like the social networking thing. I prefer my privacy.
Please share your own tips and feedback. I highly appreciate it!



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