Save money: buy in bulk online

Hey there! I purchased a set of 10 pens from an online store last week and it cost me 95 rupees. Also they gave me a small notebook for free! When I asked the price of same pens on local stationary store, it was 100 rupees(10 rupees per pen).

There you see I saved 5 rupees plus got a small notebook plus didn’t have to leave home. I admit they arrived 2 days later but still, when you buy 10 pens it is not like you are going to use them immediately. My point is, instead of buying things individually from local store, buy them online in bulk.

1. You get things delivered at home, no need to get out of bed!
2. They are cheaper usually.
3. Usually there are freebies and/or discount coupons.
4. You have a lot of options to select from.

Things to buy online: Pens, stationery, books(yes they are way cheaper), cosmetics, packaged items, utensils etc.

Things not to buy online: mostly shoes and clothes, buy them only if you are completely sure of the colour and your size; decor items, groceries etc.


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