Find silence

Hey there! This week has been pretty tough for me due to my exams and all the assignments I had to submit. It was very tiring and I noticed that it isn’t the work itself but the burden of having to complete the work that kills me. The pressure is overwhelming and I can’t wait for it to get over. However, I also realized that even in the midst of all this I can relax. Even 5 minutes of silence calm me down.

No matter the amount of work piling up in front of you, if you can manage 5 minutes free of all the trouble and distractions, you will feel so energetic that you will work with double speed. For a moment forget everything. Forget about the deadlines, shut off your phone and computer and just sit in silence. It is not meditation, it is relaxation. Just take care not to fall asleep. 

RELAX. Let go.  


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