Nerdiness: the two kinds

Do you know that kid who sits in the front row and answers every question? The one who asks a question at the moment teacher is about to leave the room? Yeah he is an annoying nerd. Every class has one or two of this kind. I hate this kind. These little know-it-all don’t do much after college in general. I’ve seen most of them getting settled for a mediocre job, hating their lives. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but most of which I’ve met didn’t think or care about anything except their grades. They didn’t study for the passion or interest but for the desire to be at the top. There are exceptions like real life Hermione kind who actually turn out to be the best and I love them but the rest are very annoying and I can’t stand them. If you find yourself resembling to this kind, I’m sorry but I would like to see you doing something you care about rather than plain cramming and nagging.

The other kind of nerds I know are the quiet ones. They sit usually in the corner, lost in their world working on something they are really passionate about. It is not that they don’t know the answers, but that they are happy as they are, comfortable in their own position. They don’t party as much, but they are fun. They are friendly and humble. These are the real geniuses in my opinion. They have the drive to do something and they actually care. They see problems as opportunities and build solutions. These are the ones who change the world. If you see yourself in this category, you deserve my respect. Know that one day your dreams will come true. You are a brilliant person and I am grateful for people like you.

If you think you are neither, my tip is to get in touch with the geniuses. They are very good friends and they will always help you. They might be weird but they are very good at what they do.

Who knows, you might discover the genius in you



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