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In today’s world, you face enormous competition in every area. Everyone has something to offer and it becomes increasingly difficult for an employer to select a candidate. It is necessary to make yourself stand out from the crowd. I learned it the hard way because I’m applying for short term internships in various research institutes of India, getting rejected every time.

I believed the main reasons are the lack of extraordinary academic record and experience but now that I think about it, I understand I could have improved my chances if I had tried a little bit ‘smarter’. One of the solutions I came up with is to mark my digital presence and let them know me in a way nobody else will. For this I’m working on a different kind of resume and a web page about my professional skills and knowledge. I’m still working on it(I’ll post a link when I’m done).

I want to help those like me whose strong skills include imagination and creativity. I suggest you to create your web presence by building your professional network online and perhaps a website/blog of your own. It could be all about you but it would be a smarter choice to relate it with your work. e.g. if you are a researcher, you can create a blog in a journal kind of way where you not only track your progress but also include your insights and other knowledge you have on that topic. Believe me, the professor will be impressed.

*update* I’ve posted about how to build online presence here. It is not my work. You can check original article here.

Other ideas are to build a linkdin profile showing all your skills and work experience. Another bold approach is to create a video resume. The basic idea is to think of yourself as a brand, a product even. Think from the employer’s point of view and do something that will fetch his attention. Show him why he should select you.


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