Start with google: save time

Hey there! Today’s post is rather short because I know most of you already do this. But for those of you who strictly follow the rules or who aren’t fans of wikipedia, please read on and give it some thought.

Wikipedia has millions of articles most of which are of an introductory nature. They are mostly a summary of the subject/topic with references for further study. Their treatment of the subject is simple, easy to understand and mostly reliable(not everything wikipedia says is true). Hence it is a good place to start if you are new to the subject. Even before reading the contents of your textbook, you can start gaining some insight or the basic idea by quickly skimming over wikipedia.

I routinely use google for finding study material(my college isn’t exactly harvard, most of the times there is neither a teacher nor a textbook available) and I’ve noticed that the summary of everything I find and note down matches closely to wikipedia content on that topic. So I have decided to start with wikipedia and get myself familiar with the subject before jumping over to details.

The videos on youtube are my second favorite because it is best to see rather than read. However, youtube is a confusing and distracting place where I seldom find what I look for.

My point is, online resources like wiki and youtube can help a lot in familiarizing yourself with a new topic which can then be refined extensively using your textbook and lecture notes. Just try it.

Let me know if you use any other resource site frequently, I would like to add that to my list.


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