Start one MOOC today

Online courses are very popular these days because they are free and can be done at your own pace. They provide high quality education to any one with no obligation to join a university/college.

I’ve done a couple of MOOCs in Astrophysics which were refreshingly different from my major(Nanotechnology). I completed them on time with distinction which never happens in my semster exams! I throughly enjoyed them. The videos were short and fun to watch and the problem sets were challenging but rewarding. Also, it gave me the opportunity to connect with 70,000 other students across the globe taking the same course.
It was better than my regular school.

I want you to take up an online course too and see for yourself. If your already taking one, let me know what difficulties you are facing, I’m planning on writing an article about it.

Here is a list of some popular websites offering MOOCs in Science, Engineering, Arts, Law, Nutrition, Medicine and many other fields:

1. Coursera

Coursera offers about 600+ courses in all the fields mentioned above with universities like Stanford, Harvard etc.

2. Edx

edX is another popular website which is basically a collaboration of prominent universities of USA including MIT, Berkeley, Harvard etc.

3. Udacity

This website generally offers technicsl courses divided in 3 categories, beginner, intermediate and advanced. The choice is limited but excellent.

To sum up, MOOCs are great for exploring and learning something new or even expanding the knowledge of your own field. Join an online course today and let me know if I can help you!


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