Effective note taking: 2 section approach

Hey there! Today I wish to share a note taking tip which I routinely employ in studying science.

I often get lost in the details while making notes. I end up writing down every little thing and thus proceed at very slow speed. Therefore, I invented the technique below to help myself study faster. It is not a technique per se, just a method of making notes faster and more concise.

1. start by dividing a page in half, separated by a single line.

2. Use the upper half to note down the basic ideas and very important points only. Leave out the details.

3. Complete your entire chapter in this manner. Do not write anything in the bottom half for any page right now.

4. Now make sure you understand and remember the ideas and points you noted down. When you are confident, start revising the chapter, this time focusing on details.

5. Note down the details and any extra material you come across in the bottom half. Complete the entire chapter. Capture

6. Quickly revise to see if you left out anything. Fill out any blanks you left.

Congratulations! you have both concise and well elaborated notes. You can use them for quick revision or an intense recall session.

Let me know if you like this approach and any suggestions you have. Best of luck for your studies. I hope it helps!


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