Learning Curve: When to revise?

Hello there! Today I’m going to share another common tip which nevertheless is very important. Revision is hard as it is, and it is frustrating to forget what you learned so well.

Generally, people revise stuff when there is an exam nearby (or maybe they study for the first time then! Happens, I know) and tend to cram everything at once. However, most of us tend to forget or confuse material at the time of exams. Therefore, it is very IMPORTANT to revise.

I came across this tip in a book. The frequency and timing is everything in revision. You don’t have to go through something everyday, you just need to adjust your duration and frequency.

What you studied in 10 minutes can be revised in 20 seconds if you revise properly.

The first time to revise a concept( or facts) is after 24 hours. We tend to forget about 80% of what we study in a day. Hence it is very important to revise in 24 hours. However, if you revise after a day, the next duration increases by sevenfold. that is, next revision should be after a week. Hence on Sundays, revise everything you learned in weekdays.

Continuing the trend, next revision should be after one month. At the end of every month, set aside 2-3 days to revise everything you studied in that month.

Hence to summarize,

  • Revise after 24 hours
  • Revise every Sunday
  • Revise at the end of the month.

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