Mix n Match: 2-3 subjects in a day

First of all, I know we tend to do everything at the last minute ending up with 1 subject in a day! But, if you start a little bit early, you can pull off the 2-3 subjects thing. I’m not asking to complete all subjects in one day, rather I’m saying that in stead of doing 1 subject each day, you are better off doing a bit of every subject everyday.

wrong way


right way


  1. You feel like you did a lot of work in a single day(which you might actually do)
  2. You don’t get bored with monotonous work
  3. Your brain performs a variety of tasks helping you to remember more
  4. Everyday you start with where you left off, thereby revising previous work automatically(less revision)

Caution: Don’t do more than 3. You will only end up getting an overview of each without getting actual study done.

Bonus tip: if worse comes to worse and you’ve got only one subject for the day, divide the syllabus into dissimilar units and do them in a cycle. e.g. lets say you’ve got to do math. You can try solving 20 question of algebra followed by 20 questions of geometry. The basic idea is to incorporate variety.

Read my next post to learn a type of study cycle I invented to get 3 subjects done in 3 days.


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