Save money: don’t buy textbooks

Hardbound textbooks are very, very expensive. They usually sit in your shelf and get picked up once in a blue moon. You don’t study everyday and your lecture notes and internet are quite enough. I’m not saying you don’t need the textbooks, I’m saying you don’t need their expensive version. 


You have alternate ways to access them without spending too much money

1. In the beginning of your semester ask your seniors if they can lend you their copies of textbooks. Usually a senior student is happy to give the book away rather than selling it.

2. Search the internet. Ebooks are much cheaper(most of them can be downloaded free, illegally though) and easily available. They are cheaper, easy to search in and to carry. Softwares like Foxit reader even allow you to underline, highlight or draw just like in the print.


3. Search the book bank. Usually colleges have book banks for students where you can borrow the textbooks for the entire semester.


4. There is always the library. However, libraries have some strict policies regarding the lending period and the upkeep of the book. Be responsible and return the book on time and in good condition.

Personally, I like the ebook version the best. I don’t have to worry about book condition or returning it or even losing it. Plus I can carry it anywhere.

I hope you find my tips useful. I post about saving money once every week. Keep reading!


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