Use distractions to motivate yourself

How many times does it happen that you sit down to study and your phone rings? Or you are searching for something on google and  you “accidentally” type Ryan Gosling?

Distractions on the TV, phone or the internet can be very tempting and consume a lot of  time. I know I completed 4 seasons of How I met your mother in one go because I had to know what happened next. I know I can’t stop myself from finishing a tv series once I start. Therefore, I decided to manage my time watching. I created a chain of studying and watching and thus managed to pull off both.

You can do it too. Use the distractions as a motivating force to help you study. Use them as reward for your hard work.

  1.  divide your work into easy, do-able segments of not more than half an hour.
  2. After completing one bit, watch your favourite drama for 5 mins or read that article about Angelina’s lip surgery.
  3. Get back to study.


Be careful not to overdo it though. Too much distraction can kill your productivity. When you sit down to study, concentrate only on the book. Forget about other stuff. When you watch tv, only watch tv. Forget about studies.

Some ideas to do during the 5 min break:

1. Watch a drama

Here is a list of my favourite comedies which can be watched without too much stress.

2. Listen to a song

Do you have a collection of songs you need to sort out? Are there any songs you haven’t listened to even once? This is the time to sort them out. Listen to one song at a time and decide whether you wish to keep it or delete it.

3. Read an article on your favourite website

Here is a list of excellent websites which have interesting articles/pictures/videos that you can watch in 5 minutes. Here is my blog dedicated to finding the kind of articles you can read in 5 minutes.

4. Fold laundry/Organize your room

Give your messy room a nice clean up. Fold clothes, sort out your closet or simply vacuum. Alternatively, you can sort out stuff on your laptop.

5. Take a brisk walk

Nothing can beat a good physical exercise. Here is my post about tackling worry through taking a walk. Brisk walk can help organize your thoughts and calm your mind. It burns calories too!

6. Eat something light

Have a trail mix, small muffins, a packet of biscuits or a fruit by your study table. eat them during the break.

Do not eat a full meal, drink alcohol or sleep during the break. It will kill your focus.

There are a lot of other things you can do to motivate yourself. Keep in mind the goal is to find the best way to study. If you don’t think you can go back to your studies after a break, don’t do it. There are other ways to help yourself. I’m going to write about other ways to study effectively in the future, keep checking. 



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